Keynote Speaker on Collaboration

An Epic 40,000 Mile Ocean Race Around The Planet

Ten Non-Professional Crews On Identical Racing Yachts

Strongest Collaboration Wins

An Epic 40,000 Mile Ocean Race Around The Planet

Ten Non-Professional Crews On Identical Racing Yachts

Strongest Collaboration Wins

brendan hall and team

Only 10 People Have Lead The Winning Team In The Clipper Round The World Yacht Race

(Less than have been to the moon)

Winning Skipper, Brendan Hall's Keynote Speech Shows Leaders & Teams How To Succeed in 2022 with Stronger Collaboration.

Exceptional Organisations Trust Brendan To Deliver Inspiration & Outcomes

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Collaboration Stories That Inspire. Messages That Land.

brendan hall and team maneuvering the yatch

A Captivating, Relatable Story

This isn’t a story from the rarefied world of elite sports.

This is the story of team of normal, relatable people becoming stronger together and achieving the extraordinary.

This team didn’t win because their leader was the best sailor or strategist, but because they created a collaborative, change-embracing teamwork culture, that stayed focussed on their vision, fostered ownership and emerged stronger from every adversity they faced.


A Custom Collaboration Keynote, Crafted In Partnership with you

Brendan crafts his speeches by combining story blocks, each containing-

  • A Dramatic Narrative

  • A Clear Call To Action

  • A Memorable Phrase

  • A Useful Collaboration Model

Far from being a disjointed series of vignettes, Brendan weaves the story blocks together, into a narrative arc with a pacey start, exciting middle and emotionally satisfying conclusion.

brendan hall speaking at an event
Stronger collaboration story block topics

Select The Collaboration Messages You Want The Team To Hear

You select the story blocks and the key messages you want your team to hear, then in collaboration with Brendan on a 60 minute zoom call, you refine them to make them applicable to “Your team, Right now.”

Ownership Culture

Brendan’s team was the most empowered, entrusted and autonomous team in the race, where every crewmember took full ownership.

At a minimum, Brendan needed to ensure they could get the boat to safety if he was killed or incapacitated, but the ownership they felt became the key to their high performance.

Call to Action

“What backward steps can you take today, micro-coaching somebody below you to step forward?”

Memorable Phrase

“Ownership isn’t about being a controlling puppet master, but a crafter of culture that allows others to step up.”

Collaboration Model
teamwork model
Emotional Intelligence

Brendan’s team learns the need for Emotional Intelligence in their teamwork, observing how their moods influenced each other.

Brendan’s realised his moods and emotional responses were closely emulated by the team. 

Winner of round the world yacht
Call to Action

“You need to be very aware of how your mood influences others in your team.”

Memorable Phrase

“Your mood becomes their mood”


Collaboration Model
teamwork model
Growth Mindset

In the aftermath of a disasterous accident, Brendan’s team discusses how they should respond to failure and the statistically inevitable problems they will encounter on their journey.

They decide to treat every failure as a learning opportunity and vowed to be the team that reflected on their experiences and only learned the hard lessons once.  

Winner of round the world yacht
Call to Action

“Your team need to collectively learn from your successes and failures, by reflecting on them in honest, vulnerable conversation”

Memorable Phrase

“We don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences, together”

Collaboration Model


teamwork model
Blame Culture

Brendan’s team realised having learning conversations is impossible, when people are afraid of being blamed. 

His team develop a strategy to talk in a no-blame way, with a high level of disclosure, vulnerability and support.   

Winner of round the world yacht
Call to Action

“You need to remove the blame from your meetings and conversations if you want people tofeel safe enough to speak up or admit mistakes”

Memorable Phrase

“Only use blame in the event of gross negligence or malice. Everything else is a learning experience.”

Collaboration Model
teamwork model

Brendan displayed some negative behaviours that impacted negatively on the trust in the team. After receiving feedback, he realised how crucial maintaining trust is.   

Using the Trust Equation, Brendan changed his behaviours, the trust rebuilt and performance soared.    

Winner of round the world yacht
Call to Action

“What do you need as a team to feel a high level of trust? What key relationships do you need to increase the intimacy?”

Memorable Phrase

“Trusting you is my decision. Proving me right is your choice.”

Collaboration Model
formula for trust
Mental Wellbeing

Brendan’s team learned that there can be a big difference between a person’s outwardly normal behaviour and their internal world. High-functioning anxiety is important to recognise and can affect the people you’d least expect.      

Winner of round the world yacht
Call to Action

“How would somebody tell if you were struggling inside?”

Memorable Phrase

“When you get a feeling something isn’t right, ask about it”

Collaboration Model
teamwork model
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“His presentation was very accomplished and fit the theme of our event perfectly.”

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“We used Brendan for 12 events this year – each time a great performance with brilliantly applicable message.”

Brendan Hall Speaking Keynote Speech
Brendan Hall Speaking Keynote Speech

A Virtual Collaboration Speech Nobody Clicks-Away From

Keeping audiences attention and engagement is 10x as hard virtually, when zoom fatigue sets in and distraction is a mere click away.

Brendan realised this, so he’s created an even more exciting, visually arresting and interactive virtual keynote, designed to full attention throughout.

His speech has been recognised internationally, and awarded the 2020 Virtual Outperformer Award by Vistage.


Studio Quality Delivery

Brendan constructed a virtual delivery studio, with cutting edge AV equipment and studio broadcast software.

Full HD images and video accompany his 110% storytelling energy, keeping eyeballs on the meeting, not the email tab.   


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“A professional and thought provoking session that helped us better understand our current organisational challenges.”

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“A brilliant story about team dynamics which makes us reflect on our own behaviour.”

A Perfect Fit For These Events

Annual Corporate Conference

Brendan delivers his inspiring keynote to open your conference, setting the theme for the day and getting your audience in a positive, energised frame of mind.

Brendan closes conferences with a keynote, adapting the content to the key messages already delivered and pulling  them together.   

New Team Energiser

The ‘Adrenalin Shot’ speech, for when a new team comes together and faces a big task ahead.

He gets them started on the right foot, working in an open and collaborative way with actionable tools and take aways. 

Team Offsite

Brendan specialises at Leadership Team Offsites.

A smaller group means a more interactive session, thoughtful reflection and challenging discussion to drive positive change.  

A Companion Book, Packed With Extra Value

Featured in BBC, Sunday Times, Dialogue, Ecomonia, Reconteur, Yachting World, Business Uncovered.

A compelling story of a race on the edge, a young skipper’s  journey leading a team through adversity and change.

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“His style, approach and engagement had everyone gripped. The feedback has been brilliant.

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“Awe inspiring – Brendan turns a personal challenge into valuable collaboration lessons for all.”

The World's Most Demanding Yacht Race

The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other.

With no previous sailing experience necessary, it’s a record-breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world on 70-foot ocean racing yachts.

Normally the domain of seasoned pros, this supreme challenge is taken on by ordinary, everyday people. Taxi drivers rub shoulders with chief executives, vicars mix with housewives & students work alongside bankers.

Why Should You Book Brendan For Your Event?

brendan hall speaking at an event
brendan hall speaking at an event

A Proven Track Record & Zero Risk

Nobody wants to be the person who hired “the conference speaker that flopped”.

You want a speaker with a proven track record for delivering speeches that inspire audiences, has relevant key messages and works in partnership with you, in the lead up to your big event.

Brendan is trusted by top-tier organisations that demand the best. 


Actionable Take Aways 

Brendan’s keynote delivers actionable takeaways – Calls to action, memorable phrases and collaboration models your team can implement immediately. Your delegates will leave thinking “I’m going to try this tomorrow in my team”


A Master Storyteller

Brendan trains and rehearses with professional actors and theatre directors, working on developing a story-telling delivery style that delivers tension, emotion, laughter and total engagement.


Adds Value All Day

Brendan is there from the start of your event, listening to all the speeches before his, then making links back to them when he’s on stage or screen, maintaining the ‘golden thread’ that runs through your event.


Flexible & Easy To Work With

Brendan is ultra-reliable, diligent and works with you in partnership to make sure your event runs smoothly. He understands the stress an event organiser is under in the lead up and ‘on the day’.

His mission is to be the one thing they don’t even need to think about, because he’s ALL OVER IT.

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“Brendan listened to the brief and delivered exactly what we wanted. Fantastic feedback from the team”

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“The room was spellbound. You could hear a pin drop in the dramatic pauses.”

What to expect when you work with Brendan


Complete reliability

Brendan is always on time, returns messages and phone calls promptly, and comes fully prepared for all eventualities


Trusted Delivery

Hiring a speaker can be a risk, but Brendan’s proven track record shows he
consistently deliver effective speeches with exceptional results.


Customised for you

Brendan gathers important insight about your organisation during your briefing call to customise his speech to your specific challenges and event goals.


Real Takeaways

Brendan’s speeches are more than just inspirational. They’re packed with
takeaways that are immediately applicable, because action creates change.


Value for money

The qualitative behavioural ROI your company will gain through improved leadership behaviors and performance far outweighs your investment.


Understands Bookers

Brendan understands the position of the speaker booker. Their reputation is tied to him delivering excellence. Part of his job is to make them look awesome in front of their stakeholders.

A Transparent, Zero-Hassle Booking Process

brendan hall with a dialogue box

1. Enquiry

Get in touch. Brendan will check his availability and send you a detailed proposal, with a fully inclusive fee (nothing to pay later).

2. Confirmation

Made your decision? Brendan raises a digital speaker agreement letter which outlines mutual commitments. Sign it online in seconds.

Booking DONE.

3. Preparation

Brendan arranges a 90 minute briefing call, typically 2-3 weeks before your event, to fully understand the objectives of your event and how to create maximum impact.

4. Tailoring

After our briefing call, Brendan works to tailor his speech, so  it’s just right for your event.

5. Tech Check (Virtual)

At a convenient time for you, Brendan will log onto your virtual meeting platform with your tech facilitators and perform a 15-point tech check, so you can be assured of zero glitches on the day.

6. Social Media Buzz

Brendan engages with your people on social media, using appropriate # and @ tags. He creates a welcome video for your delegates and post it 24 hours before his presentation.


7. On The Day

Brendan will arrive as early as possible to get a feel for the event before his digital presentation He connects his content to key messages already delivered on the day.


8. Afterwards

Brendan stays on the meeting platform as long as is valuable for you, hosting a fireside chat or participating in a Q&A panel


9. Follow-up & Feedback

Brendan’s speech is followed up with a video to help your audience implement ideas from his digital presentation into your organisational environment.

He also seeks feedback from all event organisers.

Tap The Chat Icon Or Complete The Form For A Fast Response