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Brendan Hall

Steer your ship through uncertainty & change

Leadership insights for turbulent times

Conference Keynotes for Leading Organisations

Your organisation is facing more change and uncertainty than ever before

An exciting, relevant keynote speech 

I lead a team to victory in the world’s most demanding ocean sailing event – a 40,000 mile, 10 month yacht race around the planet, called the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

My team didn’t win because I was the best sailor or strategist, but because I created an engaged, change-embracing culture, with a compelling vision, strong values and an resilient mindset.

Applicable to your organisation 

In my speech, I share my secrets, equipping your leaders with the same behaviours, strategies and best practices that made my team able to successfully navigate change and cross the finish line in first place.

Calls-to-Action For Your Delegates


Building and maintaining trust is key to successfully navigating change. If a leader has no trust, they have no mandate.



Leaders need to actively invite feedback – saying “my door is always open”, or waiting for an annual 360 is not enough.


Squash Blame Culture

Only use blame in the event of gross negligence or malice – everything else is a learning opportunity.


Mature leaders create a culture of psychological ownership and strive to change from a heroic to servant leadership approach.

Create a Space

When executing change, the sound of success is honest conversation. It’s the leader’s job to create a fear-free space for it to happen.

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Average speaker rating

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Inspiration has a short shelf-life without application.

I believe that the leaders at the 50+ corporate conference events I speak at each year should walk away with specific, concrete ideas they can immediately implement.

My keynote focuses on actionable practices and calls to action that will improve leadership, create better team cultures and drive higher engagement.

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Brendan was excellent. He is a great story-teller who was able to share his leadership experience and give us tools we could directly apply to our roles.

Trusted By Leading Organisations For Internal Conferences

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Great Value

We used Brendan for 12 events this year – each time a great performance with an applicable message


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An Inspiring Message

Inspiring and thought-provoking insights, delivered with a tailored message that was impactful and translated well for our teams.

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Thought provoking

A professional and thought provoking session that helped us better understand our current organisational challenges.

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Brilliant Story

A brilliant story about leadership which makes us reflect on our own behaviour.

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Top class

Articulate, inspiring, entertaining and full of great practical advice.

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Easy to work with

Brendan was extremely easy to work with and attentive to the needs of our participants.

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Trusted to deliver

His presentation was very accomplished and fit the theme of our event perfectly.

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Valuable Lessons

Awe inspiring – Brendan turns a personal challenge into valuable leadership lessons for all.

What to expect when you work with me


Absolute reliability

I am never late, forget to return a call or miss a deadline.


Trusted to deliver

For a conference organiser, hiring a new speaker is a risk. If that speaker fails to connect with the audience, it reflects badly on them.

I get it.

Through the whole process, my aim is that you feel confident, relaxed and post-event, get positively recognised for your good choice in selecting me. In short- it’s part of my job is to make you look awesome.


Customised for you

During a detailed briefing call, I seek to understand your conference aims, the audience demographic and the challenges of their industry.

My first question is ‘What would want the audience to know, feel or do differently as a result of my speech?’ I reverse engineer it with that end in mind.


Calls to ACtion

Every speech is not just inspirational, but also immediately applicable. I believe that action creates change, not inspiration alone.


Value for money

Hiring a speaker isn’t cheap and I understand the need for an observable behavioural-RoI. Client feedback, three-months post-event tell me that they see a qualitative RoI in better leadership behaviours and heightened collaboration.

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Brilliant feedback

His style, approach and engagement had everyone gripped. The feedback has been brilliant.

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How we work together

1. Enquiry

Get in touch. I will check my availability and send you a full proposal.

2. Confirmation

Made your decision? I’ll raise a digital speaker agreement letter which outlines our mutual commitments.

3. Preparation

We arrange a 90 minute briefing call, typically 2-3 weeks before the event.

4. Tailoring

After our briefing call, I will set about tailoring my presentation so that it’s just right for your event.

5. AV Setup

I will email you or your AV team a Google Drive link containing my PowerPoint presentation at least 1 week before the big day.

6. Social Media Buzz

I engage with your audience on social media, using appropriate # and @ tags. I create a welcome video for your delegates and post it 24 hours before my keynote.


7. On The Day

I will arrive as early as possible to get a feel for the event before my speaking slot. I strive to connect my content to key messages already delivered on the day.


8. Afterwards

My favourite part of the job is chatting to people and listening to their stories, so I endeavour to stay for as long as possible.


9. Follow-up & Feedback

I follow up my speech with a video – an extra nudge for the audience on how to implement an idea from my keynote into your organisational environment. I also seek honest feedback from all event organisers.


30,000 copies sold worldwide and featured in BBC, Sunday Times, Dialogue, Ecomonia, Reconteur, Yachting World, Business Uncovered.

Shortlisted for the Mountbatten Book Award.

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