Follow Up with Eldon Group Managers

Hey Eldon Team!

Here's a 2-minute follow up from our session,
with a super simple empowerment strategy.

A penny for your thoughts

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I love referrals!

I say “Thank You” – a lot. It’s good manners, but it’s also good business, and one of the reasons I have a high amount of repeat speaking work.

I enjoy giving gifts to my clients and follow up every speech with hand-written Thank You cards.

I also look after the folks who refer me for speaking engagements to others in their professional network, with a thankyou gift for spreading my message.

Anybody who refers me for a paid speech at my regular fee, and it goes ahead – Gets sent a £200 gift voucher of their choice or I make a £200 donation to a charity they support. A simple, no-strings-attached, token of my appreciation.

How else can I help your team?