Follow Up with ACE 007 leaders

Hi Ace 007 team!
Here's a 2 minutes follow up from Wednesday's session,
with a super simple empowerment strategy.

A penny for your thoughts

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You task your senior people with steering the organisational ship in the right direction...

Develop their capability by putting them on a real one.

It’s my mission, through my experiential learning consultancy Ocean & Boardroom to give your team of organisational leaders a powerful VUCA experience, taking full command of a Round-the-World racing yacht, in a challenge that will bond, stretch and create new positive behaviours that transfer directly back into the workplace.

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Illustrated guide to autonomous team

Finally, A massive THANK YOU!

To say thanks for giving me 3 hours of your precious time and listening to my story, I want to send you something I’ve been working on this year- A beautifully illustrated guide to creating a team that thrives in uncertainty.

Read the full story: Team Spirit

Team Spirit: Life and Leadership on one of the World’s Toughest Yacht Races is the story of an ocean race on the edge and my team’s journey into uncertainty, danger, disruption and ultimately, victory.

Chapter by chapter, I distil the hard-won leadership lessons I learned in that unforgiving environment, to help you cross your personal and professional oceans.