Follow Up

A really short follow up…..

…and a few bonus resources

Everyone responds to bad news differently. Use this handy chart to help you identify your reaction and what you can do to respond more positively. How you respond to bad news and setbacks is the true test of your leadership.

Use this .ppt as a slide or wall chart for your next team debrief meeting. It’s a great way of getting everyone engaged, solution-oriented and it keeps the discussion focused. Facilitator instructions in the notes of the file.

Here’s a digital copy of the confidence remote control exercise we did together. This can be a great one to do with your own team, to build self awareness of how their moods affect each other and their subordinates.

The ‘stuff you say’ to your team day-to-day is what has the biggest impact on their trust in your leadership. It’s not about the grand gestures or stirring motivational talks- it’s the small phrases, said sincerely and consistently that make you a great leader.

A penny for your thoughts

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Illustrated guide to autonomous team

Finally, A massive THANK YOU!

To say thanks for giving me an hour of your precious time and listening to my story, I want to send you something I’ve been working on this year- A beautifully illustrated guide to creating a team that thrives in uncertainty.

Read the full story: Team Spirit

Team Spirit: Life and Leadership on one of the World’s Toughest Yacht Races is the story of an ocean race on the edge and my team’s journey into uncertainty, danger, disruption and ultimately, victory.

Chapter by chapter, I distil the hard-won leadership lessons I learned in that unforgiving environment, to help you cross your personal and professional oceans.