“My story will help your organisation embed a culture that embraces change, thrives in uncertainty and develops trustworthy leaders with resilience and compassion.

Round the World Race Winning Skipper. Leadership Expert. Speaker.

Leadership Culture Masterclass

Brendan’s leadership culture masterclass session is a mix of exciting sailing narrative and rich leadership insight.

In this half-day masterclass, he gives your team highly applicable, business-relevant insights and take-aways that will help them create teams that thrive in uncertainty.

With business feeling the uncertainty of Brexit and industry disruption becoming the norm, how your teams respond to uncertainty and change is a topic on every CEO and HR manager’s mind.

Brendan work closely and collaboratively with you to make sure the content is relevant and useful to your oganisation and his objective is that your team leave feeling inspired, reflective, and focused on making small, but powerful changes their leadership style and business culture using actionable tools.

Highly Applicable

“An engaging experience that translates directly into meaningful business & team building learning that will help our team stay ahead of the competition.”

New Ideas

“You provided new ideas on addressing challenges that we often face to turn these into opportunities.”

An Outstanding Session

“Probably the best we’ve ever had! Brendan’s highly engaging workshop got right to the heart of the leadership challenges we face as an organisation – an absorbing and RELEVANT session for all involved.”

Top Class

“Articulate, inspiring, entertaining and full of great practical advice.”

Important Topics. Meaningful Reflections. Actionable Tools.

Each Section is 30 minutes speaking, followed by a 15 minute interactive element.

Emotional Intelligence

“Your attitude = Their attitude”

Reflections and Tools

  • What is the ‘Mood Shadow’ I cast over my business? How do my team perceive me?
  • How do my words, tone and body language indicate when I’m at my best or at my worst?

Tool: How to change my internal ‘self-talk’ when I’m at my worst.


“The trustworthiness of a business comes from the person leading the business”

Reflections and Tools

  • How do I ‘do’ intimacy with my team, clients and suppliers? How do I ‘make it personal’ ?
  • What is the perception of my self-orientation? Is it undermining my trustworthiness?

Tool: How to use the ‘Trust Equation’ to improve any trust deficits in my business.

Growth Mindset

“Develop a team culture without blame or fear, so the business learns the ‘hard lessons’….once”

Reflections and Tools

  • How do I respond to failure, setbacks and disappointment?
  • What is the professional and reputational ‘cost’ for admitting mistakes my business culture?

Tool: How to signpost a no-blame environment for feedback and debriefing.


“The role of a leader is not that of controlling puppet master, but that of a crafter of culture – to truly allow others to step up.”

Reflections and Tools

  • How am I going to ‘loosen the control strings’ as a leader?
  • Where am I worried there is not enough competence to warrant greater autonomy?

Tool: How to use the linguistic trick of ‘returning questions unanswered’ to empower others

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