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Steer your ship through uncertainty and change

Leadership insights for turbulent times

70% of all change organisational change initiatives fail.


Employee resistance & unsupportive leadership behaviour.    

My speeches equip your leaders and their teams with the strategies and behaviours to make the change journey well communicated, better supported and more engaging for all.




A Story of Leadership Through Change & Uncertainty

It’s all about the people

I lead a team to victory in the world’s most demanding ocean sailing event – a 40,000 mile, 10 month yacht race around the planet, called the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

My team didn’t win because I was the best sailor or strategist, but because I created an engaged, change-embracing culture, with a compelling vision, strong values and an resilient mindset.

Applicable to your organisation 

I’m here to share my secrets, equipping your leaders and their teams with the same behaviours, strategies and best practices that made my team able to successfully navigate change and cross the finish line in first place.

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How I help your organisation's change journey


A punchy, ½ day or full day masterclass with your internal team – challenging discussions and immediately actionable take-aways.

I take your team sailing

Your top people have the difficult job of navigating the organisational ship through change and uncertainty… Improve their capability by putting them on a real one.

Online Coaching

I have personal experience in successfully managing the most frequent team leadership challenges. Let me support you with yours. Free initial consultation.


30,000 copies sold worldwide and featured in BBC, Sunday Times, Dialogue, Ecomonia, Reconteur, Yachting World, Business Uncovered.

A compelling story of a race on the edge, a young skipper’s leadership journey in an environment of change and uncertainty.

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Teams I've helped through change.


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