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Clients say

Brendan gave us a gripping story and three key ideas our team still refer back to, six months later.

It was like watching a movie. We felt like we were on the boat with you.

Inspiring insights, delivered with a message tailored for us. Super impactful.

Brendan delivered perfectly on the theme of our​ conference. The golden thread of the day went ​right through his speech.

Client Case Study


Sanofi Pharmaceuticals


Team of Global Business Unit Leaders

Event Outcomes:

Bring together a global team, aligned behind a common strategy, working more collaboratively across markets and regions.

Brendan Delivered:

1 hour keynote, focusing on his ​team’s ‘Ready. Set. Rise’ moments.

Client Feedback:

“Your session today was a huge success . The  leadership team was energized and the presenters after you made references to what you shared with us. A huge thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us!”

Burcu Eryilmaz

SVP Sanofi Specialty Care Executive Leadership Team

Case studies by industry
Brendan Hall delivering a keynote speech

Not your typical Resilience expert…

Brendan’s Story,

In a nutshell…

An Epic 40,000 Mile, 11 Month Ocean Race Around The Planet

Ten Teams On Identical Racing Yachts

Most Resilient Team Wins

His Team Won
(by a huge margin)​

He’s One Of Only 10 People Ever To Lead The Winning Team​

(Less than have been to the moon)​
  • His Resilience Keynote Will Get Your Team To
  • Collaborate As One Team

  • Commit to the Vision

  • Take Full Ownership

  • Nurture Team Spirit

  • Deliver Winning Results

Keynote Speaking

A Resilience Keynote That Creates Change

Clear Calls To Action​

Brendan’s first question to an event organiser is “What do you want your audience to do differently as a result of being at this event?” – He works these calls-to-action into his speech.

Memorable Phrases

Brendan gives your audience memorable ‘sticky phrases’ that stay with people and get used back at work. ​

Example: “We only use blame in the event of gross negligence or malice. Everything else is a learning experience.”

​Useful Models

Brendan graphically illustrates his key points in his speech, then sends these useful models to the audience members to use within their own teams.

Brendan Hall delivering a keynote speech with an image of his sailing team in the background

Brendan’s View On The Importance of Resilience

“I can’t overstate the power of resilience in today’s fast-paced world. I advocate for creating a supportive culture where open communication and mutual support are prioritised. By building resilience, team members can better navigate challenges and maintain productivity, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable work environment. I show teams strategies to thrive despite the pressures of a demanding professional landscape.

In short – “It’s Everything”

Brendan Hall delivering a keynote speech with a packed audience

Outcomes of Booking Brendan as your Resilience Speaker

Booking Brendan as your speaker on resilience brings invaluable expertise in effective personal and team resilience from an environment far outside your organisational context.

The key outcomes of this investment is your leaders learning how to navigate their teams through uncertain and changing conditions, ensuring everyone stays on board and accountable. Brendan shows your teams how to create a resilient culture where team members are compelled to take greater ownership in their role, shifting from a blame culture, if one exists, to one of trust and cooperation.

By integrating these strategies, your leaders will foster a more cohesive, resilient and high-performing team dynamic.

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Brendan Hall delivering a keynote speech with an engaged audience
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