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From my time as skipper on the Clipper Round-the-World Yacht Race, I have personal experience in successfully managing the most frequent team leadership challenges, coupled with a focused coaching approach. It’s this unique blend that provides the foundation to support emerging leaders, up to board-level directors to realise their potential and to improve business performance.


Why Online Coaching?

I’m a firm advocate of Online Coaching, because ultimately it allows me to serve my coachees better.

  • Convenience: You can fit your sessions around other commitments/travel.
  • Flexible: Easy to reschedule sessions if something crops up last minute.
  • Value for Money: Online is 90% as effective as in-person, but 50% the price.
  • Ongoing support: The conversation carries on over email/IM between sessions.

An online program for every level of leader


Designed for executives and middle managers with 10+ direct reports and strategic responsibility.


Designed for new managers in their first leadership role.


Ongoing, monthly coaching support, where ever you are on your journey.


Designed for Executives and middle managers with 10+ direct reports and strategic responsibility

  • Free 60 minute initial consultation.
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions, conducted online.
  • Spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Unlimited email/IM chat support.
  • Firo-B Psychometric assessment.
  • Impromptu ‘check-in’ calls.
  • 5 of the world’s best leadership books.

£1,050 + VAT

Program Overview.

Being a senior leader can be a challenging and lonely endeavour. I know, I’ve been there, too.

Sometimes you just need a confidential, objective sounding board, a non-judgemental mirror-holder to challenge and stretch your thinking, as well as provide the positive acknowledgement that you often don’t get as a senior leader in an organisation.

I understand the challenges that senior leaders face every day and the internal dialogue that plays out behind a mask of professionalism.

I commonly find myself coaching senior leaders through

  • The squeezing pressure to always do more with less.
  • The frustration of operating without clarity, in uncertain territory.
  • Overwhelm from fast, poorly managed, change.
  • Feeling drained from a toxic meeting culture.
  • Juggling the demands of that elusive work/life balance.
  • Feeling hesitant to challenge upwards and have difficult conversations.
  • Self-doubts, self-limiting beliefs and having a harsh inner critic.

If you identify with some, or all, of these things, don’t worry, you’re not alone and rest assured that “I get you” - I’ve been there too.

Past clients of this program

Speaking up

Our sessions were great. I realised I had a lot of fears stopping me from ‘speaking up’ when I know I should. Brendan helped me be braver in meetings.

– Head of Procurement, Manchester.


Brendan coached me as part of a Senior Leadership Programme being run by my company. It was great to speak in confidence, reflect on some of the personal and organisational challenges, I was facing, then take action.

– Head of Legal, London.

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The Emerging Leaders Program

Designed for New managers in their first leadership role

  • Free 30-minute initial consultation
  • 8 x 1 hour sessions, conducted online.
  • Spaced 4 weeks apart
  • Unlimited email/IM chat support
  • Firo-B Psychometric assessment
  • Impromptu ‘check-in’ calls
  • 3 books every new leader needs to read

£995 + VAT

Program Overview.

You’re off to a great start. You’re ambitious. You’re hungry. You want to prove you were ready for this role and you have a lot to offer.

Things have changed from 12 months ago. Your technical ability isn’t as important to your role anymore- Now you’re managing a team and the expectations is that you keep them motivated, productive, happy, creative and coached to improve. You need to set a culture, manage expectations, give tricky feedback and a hundred other things, while still executing your role and getting stuff done yourself. It’s a big change and a big challenge – and a coach can really help fit the jigsaw pieces together and help your become the happy, trustworthy, reliable boss you aspire to be.

I regularly coach emerging leaders through

  • Managing a new team who seem ‘set in their ways’.
  • Managing people who were formerly their peers.
  • Finding their voice in senior meetings.
  • Becoming better at delegating and releasing control.
  • Feeling imposter syndrome (don’t worry-pretty much everyone has it).
  • Communicating change from above you don’t necessarily agree with.
  • Navigating office politics and blame culture.

If you identify with some, or all, of these things, don’t worry, you’re not alone and rest assured that “I get you” - I’ve been there too.

Past clients of this program

Fit around my travel

Our online sessions were great. They fit around my travel and meeting schedule and knowing I had somebody impartial to bounce ideas off, anytime, was reassuring when I had to make decisions.

– Junior Project Manager, Southampton

My 360 feedback is way better

I’m no longer seen as a control freak, thanks to this coaching. My 360 feedback is way better.

– HR Coordinator, Edinburgh.

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Continuing support

Ongoing, monthly coaching support, where ever you are on your journey

  • 1 or 2 sessions/month, conducted online.
  • Unlimited email/IM chat support.
  • Psychometric profiling and feedback as required.
  • Periodic 360 feedback reviews.
  • Impromptu ‘check-in’ calls.
  • Invitation to online leadership masterclasses.
  • Quarterly delivery of books selected to help you.
  • Rolling monthly payment, cancel anytime.

1 monthly session: £140 + VAT

2 monthly session: £220 + VAT