Your SLT have the difficult job of navigating your organisational ship through change and uncertainty…


Improve their capability by putting them on a real one.

Steer Your Ship Through Uncertainty & Change

The Steer Your Ship through Uncertainty and Change experiential program is a unique event which puts your team into uncertain situations, where they have to anticipate and react to rapid change and make inclusive decisions when the pressure is on.

Development outcomes



An ability to translate strategy into action, whilst avoiding distraction.


A more collaborative team, operating with a shared vision.


A detailed understanding of each other’s communication style, lowering the potential for conflict.


Greater confidence when leading through fast change – seeking input, then acting decisively.


Increased team resilience and a stronger peer support network.


A personal accomplishment – overcoming some anxieties and mastering new skills.

A complex, multi-stage experience.

Your team is tasked with collectively planning a strategic sailing route around the navigational buoys of the Eastern Solent (an area of sea along the south coast of England), then take command of a 68’ racing yacht and execute their plan. Each navigational buoy is assigned a point value and the job of the team is to create a route that will maximise their score.

It sounds simple, but in reality this is a complex, multi-stage experience that will both test and foster team cohesion, eco-leadership, test risk propensity, group problem solving and above all, the ability to collaboratively translate strategy into action in a VUCA environment. Essential skills for business and life.

Bonds your SLT like never before.

Your team will find this experience physically demanding, emotionally engaging and mentally challenging. Working together in this out-of-their-comfort-zone environment will bond your group in a way they may never have experienced before.

The honest discussion in the debrief session will really open them up to one another.

Energy is high and defensiveness low- The ideal state for honest reflection, trust building, purpose creation and engineering an enduring team culture.

Firo-B Psychometric profile logo

Add the FIRO-B Psychometric profile to your debrief session.

The FIRO-B® instrument is a powerful aid to team, leadership and individual development. It measures how a person typically behaves towards others and how they would like others to behave towards them.

Exploring the FIRO-B profiles of your team in the debrief session gives a valuable insight into what negative team behaviours manifest in times of uncertainty and stress, using the sailing day as a case-study. Learnings and insights are then re-contextualised into the work environment and explored in a solution-focussed facilitated discussion.

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