The Ultimate Offsite Experiential

  • Do you need your team to collaborate when

  • They’re out of their comfort zone

  • They’re in an ever-changing environment

  • They have to make collective decisions, under pressure

  • There’s an ambitious target to achieve


Give them experience that will put them to the test, develop their collaborative capability and develop team spirit

(It’s also really fun)


This program challenges your team to plan sailing routes around the navigational buoys of the English Channel, then take command of yacht(s) and execute their plans – Each buoy has a points-value assigned to it and the job of the team is to create a route that will maximise their score. ​

Sounds simple, but in reality, this is a complex, multi-dimensional experience that will enhance teamwork, distributed leadership, calculating risk, collaborative problem solving and challenge established communication patterns. ​

Learning outcomes

  • 01

    An ability to translate strategy into action, avoiding distraction.​

  • 02

    Greater confidence when leading through fast change – seeking input, then acting decisively. ​

  • 03

    ​A detailed understanding of each other’s communication style, lowering the potential for conflict.

  • 04

    Increased team resilience and a stronger peer support network.​

  • 05

    ​A personal accomplishment – overcoming some anxieties and mastering new skills, together.​

  • 06

    ​A more collaborative team, operating with a shared vision.​


Of participants ‘strongly agreed’ that there was positive behaviour change in ​their team, 12 months after ​this experience.


Group size

13 days



Sailing experience required

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