An interactive workshop that creates change

  • 2 hours – Full Day​
  • 10 – 60 Delegates​
  • For Leadership groups and Teams​
  • Delivered F2F or Virtual
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A real-world teamwork story, creating a backdrop for rich conversation ​

What You Get

Clients say

I am often happy with trainings but this one was even greater than anyone we did. Lots of take away.​ Very good speaker and great experience of Leadership.

Brendan’s workshop was just what we were looking for, to energise discussions at our Leadership Team strategy retreat.

Another great virtual workshop from Brendan!
Delegates come away feeling exhausted(in a good way!) from the rollercoaster ride he takes them on.

Brendan’s workshops are used by top Executive Education providers

Example Half Day Session Overview​

Four modules, each on a facet of High Performance Leadership

Total Time: 3.5 hours


Emotional Intelligence


The Trust Equation


Growth Mindset, Blame & Psychological Safety


Mental Health &​ Empathetic Listening​


Ownership Culture​


Conclusion & Commitments

A virtual workshop nobody tunes out from

Keeping a group’s attention and engagement is 10x harder virtually, when screen fatigue sets in and distraction is only a click away.​

Brendan understands this reality, so he created an even more exciting, visually arresting and interactive workshop, to keep full engagement throughout.

Embed the learning​ further with Team Spirit, the companion book to Brendan’s​ workshop

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About Team Spirit

How to book Brendan’s workshop


    Step One
  • You should now hopefully have enough information to decide if Brendan’s workshop would be a good fit for your team – Here’s what booking Brendan looks like

  • 2

    Step Two
  • Connect with Brendan via livechat or contact form and confirm availability and basic requirements.

  • 3

    Step Three
  • If it will be of service to you, Brendan is happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your learning outcomes, challenges and organisational context.​

  • 4

    Step Four
  • Fees are agreed, then contracts are issued and completed.​

  • 5

    Step Five
  • On contracting, you will be given access to the ‘Resources area’ where you’ll find full bios, images and full details that you can use to publicise the workshop internally.​

  • 6

    Step Six
  • Logistics and travel arrangements made and communicated to all stakeholders.​

  • 7

    Step Seven
  • Brendan will be in touch personally the day prior to the event to confirm final details.​

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