Collaborate As One Team​
Commit to the Vision​
Take Full Ownership
Nurture Team Spirit ​
Deliver Winning Results​
Your Team Stronger Together​

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Teamwork and Collaboration have never been more important, but felt so challenging.

  • In 2024, we see
  • 01
    Resistance to new ideas, processes, or ways of working, making it challenging to implement changes and improvements collaboratively.

  • 02
    Hybrid environments lack the informal interactions that occur naturally in person, leading to feelings of isolation and reduced team cohesion.

  • 03
    It’s harder to find opportunities for team-building activities and bonding experiences, which are essential for fostering a positive team dynamic.

Let Brendan give your team an ‘adrenalin shot’ to renew their commitment to strong collaboration & teamwork

Brendan gives keynote speeches that help teams reach their full collaborative potential.

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Clients say

Brendan gave us a gripping story and three key ideas our team still refer back to, six months later.

Brendan was the easiest speaker we’ve worked with; nothing was too much trouble.

Our thanks to Brendan for his talk. It was a very moving hour with laughter and tears.Amazing storytelling.

Not your typical Teamwork expert…

Brendan’s Story,

In a nutshell…

An Epic 40,000 Mile, 11 Month Ocean Race Around The Planet

Ten Crews On Identical Racing Yachts

Strongest Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership Wins

His Team Won
(by a huge margin)​

He’s One Of Only 10 People Ever To Lead The Winning Team​

(Less than have been to the moon)​
  • His Keynote Speech Will Get Your Team To
  • Collaborate As One Team

  • Commit to the Vision

  • Take Full Ownership

  • Nurture Team Spirit

  • Deliver Winning Results

Keynote Speaking

A Companion Book To Brendan’s Keynote,
Packed With Extra Value

38,000 Copies Sold Worldwide

A compelling story of a race on the edge and a team’s journey through adversity and change.


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About the World’s Most Demanding Yacht Race

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