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Take Away Messages For Your Audience

Manage your Mood Shadow

“As a leader, your mood counts for at least 50% of the mood of your team. How you emotionally respond to failure, setback and disappointment will be emulated by them”

Create a Space

When executing change, the sound of success is honest conversation. It’s the leader’s job to create a fear-free space for it to happen.

Remove Blame Culture

“We only use blame in the event of gross negligence or malice – everything else is a learning opportunity.”

develop a growth mindset

“How a team learns its ‘hard lessons’ and adapt behaviour accordingly is hugely consequential to it’s success or failure.” 


“Building and maintaining trust is key to leading a team through change. No Trust, No Mandate.”


“Mature leaders create a culture of ownership and strive to change from a heroic to servant leadership approach”

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A professional and thought provoking session that helped us better understand our current organisational challenges.
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A brilliant story about leadership which makes us reflect on our own behaviour.

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His presentation was very accomplished and fit the theme of our event perfectly.
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We used Brendan for 12 events this year – each time a great performance with an applicable message

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Complete reliability

Brendan is always on time, returns messages and phone calls promptly, and comes fully prepared for all eventualities


Trusted Delivery

Hiring a speaker can be a risk, but Brendan’s proven track record shows he
consistently deliver effective speeches with exceptional results.


Customised for you

Brendan gathers important insight about your organisation during your briefing call to customise his speech to your specific challenges and event goals.


Real Takeaways

Brendan’s speeches are more than just inspirational. They’re packed with
takeaways that are immediately applicable, because action creates change.


Value for money

The qualitative behavioural ROI your company will gain through improved leadership behaviors and performance far outweighs your investment.

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His style, approach and engagement had everyone gripped. The feedback has been brilliant.
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Awe inspiring – Brendan turns a personal challenge into valuable leadership lessons for all.

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Featured in BBC, Sunday Times, Dialogue, Ecomonia, Reconteur, Yachting World, Business Uncovered.

A compelling story of a race on the edge, a young skipper’s leadership journey through adversity and change.

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