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Why Clients Love Working with Brendan

Clients say

Brendan delivered perfectly on the theme of our​ conference. The golden thread of the day went ​right through his speech.

It was like watching a movie. We felt like we were on the boat with you.

Inspiring insights, delivered with a message tailored for us. Super impactful.

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Brendan Creates Change

Clear Calls To Action​

Brendan’s first question to an event organiser is “What do you want people to do differently as a result of being at your event?” – He works these calls-to-action into his speech.

Memorable Phrases

Brendan gives your audience memorable ‘sticky phrases’ that stay with people and get used back at work. ​

Example: “We only use blame in the event of gross negligence or malice. Everything else is a learning experience.”

​Useful Models

Brendan graphically illustrates his key points in his speech, then sends these useful models to the audience members to use within their own teams.

Brendan Creates an Experience

Inspirational Emotive Storytelling

No slides

No Bullet Points

All video

Client Case Study


Sanofi Pharmaceuticals


Summit of Global Business Unit Leaders

Event Outcomes:

Leaders aligned behind global strategy, working more collaboratively across markets and regions.

Brendan Delivered:

1 hour keynote, focusing on his ​team’s ‘Ready. Set. Rise’ moments.

Case studies by industry
Brendan Hall delivering a keynote speech

A virtual speech nobody clicks away from

Keeping audiences attention and engagement is 10x harder virtually, when screen fatigue sets in and distraction is only a click away.

Brendan understands this reality, so he created an even more exciting, visually arresting and interactive virtual keynote, to keep full engagement throughout.

Keynote Speaking

An Inclusive Hybrid Experience

Brendan works with your tech team to ensure all his image and video content is delivered impactfully to the off-site audience so they feel the same immersion and value as those in the room.​ Some key themes:

A thoughtful, useful gift​

Delight your audience members with a signed copy of Team Spirit, addressed to them by name.​

Bulk order discounts available

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How to book Brendan’s keynote


    Step One
  • You should now hopefully have enough information to decide if Brendan’s keynote would be a good fit for your team – Here’s what booking Brendan looks like

  • 2

    Step Two
  • Connect with Brendan via livechat or contact form and confirm availability and basic requirements.

  • 3

    Step Three
  • If it will be of service to you, Brendan is happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your learning outcomes, challenges and organisational context.​

  • 4

    Step Four
  • Fees are agreed, then contracts are issued and completed.​

  • 5

    Step Five
  • On contracting, you will be given access to the ‘Resources area’ where you’ll find full bios, images and full details that you can use to publicise the workshop internally.​

  • 6

    Step Six
  • Logistics and travel arrangements made and communicated to all stakeholders.​

  • 7

    Step Seven
  • Brendan will be in touch personally the day prior to the event to confirm final details.​

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